Ken Umbach (researchguy) wrote,
Ken Umbach

Garage cleaning . . .

We (and by we, I mean mostly my wife Rosa) have been on a garage-cleaning binge. Yesterday Rosa hauled to Goodwill a carful of odds and ends (small electronics, knicknacks, books, and lots more), and I broke down as many old boxes as I could fit into the recycle bin. (That was emptied this morning, so we have a new 90 gallons to work with.)

At long last I again found Harry S. Truman's two-volume memoirs, in a 1960s paperback edition that I've been meaning to read at long last. Of course the box those books were in got closed up and placed on a stack, so I'll need to find that box again.

I hauled several boxes of family memorabilia, photos, documents, and whatnot to a storage unit for later revisiting. At least they are out of the garage and out of harm's way. We found my father's high school diploma rolled up in a cardboard tube (a tube that was originally for something very different, so the diploma was a surprise -- seen years ago but put back in the tube and stored in a box and forgotten).

We found some items that are probably collectables with some value, including two glass "Hamburglar"  mugs from a long-ago McDonald's promotion, and a box of my files from a job held 35 years ago. Also found, two copies of a short background piece I wrote about the (now long forgotten) regulatory program I worked in. Those were the days when bureaucrat grunts were anonymous, so my name is not on it. We never gave a copy to the State Library (although we were supposed to do that), so I'll pass one or both along for their documents collection. Better late (decades late, in this case) than never.

We'll have to revisit various boxes and dispose of more items, but it was a useful start.

For variety, I also took a hedge trimmer to a grossly overgrown grass patch that had grown up around and over an English Daisy plant I'd started many years ago from a seed in a tiny peat pot under a sunlamp indoors. The daisy blooms annually, but has to struggle out of the grass. The mound is much smaller now, and I am hopeful that a selective grass killer spray will spare the daisy plant and let it show itself off late next spring. Meanwhile, we need to find some sort of small yard decorations -- maybe a small picket fence and some sturdy, large plastic flowers or spinners on metal rods -- to decorate the remaining mound of English Daisy plant and embedded (but dead) grass. I wanted to put some plastic pink flamingos on it, but Rosa was not enthusiastic about that. We'll see what the antiques shop with an outdoors section in Roseville has on offer that might do the job:
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